Kind Words


"Starting at Blue Mat Pilates I had no core, I could never touch my toes and I had bad back pain. After 8 months with Riana at Blue Mat Pilates I have toned my core, reduced my back pain and strengthened my whole body. Last week for the 1st time in my life i could touch my toes standing up. Joining Blue Mat was the best decision I have made for my well being in years. Thanks to Riana for her energetic classes every week" - Kylie Currie

5 years ago I underwent a Knee Replacement and I was also told that within a couple of years a would require the same operation on my other knee. After the operation I was informed by both the Surgeon & Physio that I would not be able to kneel on the knee. I decided  to attend Pilates at Blue Mat Pilates and discovered that not only could I kneel, but the flexibility I have gained is amazing. It has also developed the muscles around my other knee which has enabled me to put off the second operation. On a recent follow up visit to the Surgeon, I was told that the movement I now have in my knee is probably the best they have seen!   I highly recommend this form of exercise and in particular Blue Mat Pilates. -Tricia Watt

If you're living in ‪Hamilton‬, ‪‎or the ‎Bay of Plenty‬ and experiencing structural body issues and physical pain, or maybe you just want to have more balance and core stability, strength and flexibility, I really recommend Blue Mat Pilates. Founded by certified Polestar Pilates instructor Riana Leaf. I found working with her over just a few short weeks has made such a difference for me, deeply addressing chronic pain I've been dealing with for the last 3 years. I did all the classes I could in Mt. Maunganui (5), plus 3 private sessions with Riana over 5 weeks, and this has powerfully set me on the path for a whole new level of body movement awareness and experience. And way less pain! Riana also gave me a very well laid out program with photos that is helping me stay on track now I'm back home in Northland. I'm therefore able to keep building on the results she supported me with while I was in Tauranga, in my own time and space. Doing Pilates with Blue Mat Pilates is so worthwhile if you live in these areas and wish to experience tangible results with structural pain and core stability. Thank you so much team!
- Lisa Lane


sml3When I started doing martial arts last year I noticed that I kept getting shoulder and back injuries. This meant significant periods of time off training to rest and physiotherapy. I had also become very round shouldered from years of computer use and this caused me to have RSI in my hands and right arm. To address this I have tried everything from acupuncture to yoga. I had been attending Pilates classes with Riana and she suggested some private sessions. She was able to explain to me that I kept getting the injuries because of my body mechanics, particularly my poor posture. After about two sessions I was learning how to stand correctly so that my back was not constantly rounded, as I am so tall. She gave me simple practical exercises to practise during the week. After about four sessions I noticed that this resulted in a decrease in hip and back pain. Next she tackled my shoulders. This was very important to me as I am getting married in November and wanted to have great posture in my strapless dress. I would never have believed that my round shoulders could be straightened in such a short period, however, after about eight sessions people were commenting about my good posture and my shoulders were noticeably straighter without my shoulder blades winging. I began to feel more confident, had a better awareness of my body and how it moved and my shoulder and arm pain decreased. The correct muscles were being strengthened so I knew that I could maintain my progress. I would highly recommend seeing Riana, as she helps you to work towards your personal goals in a supportive manner. She always takes time to answer your questions and celebrates your successes with you. I will now be 100% confident walking down the wedding aisle. Thanks Riana! - Jessica Clarke

I have attended Blue Mat Pilates over the past few years and I have noticed a huge change in my flexibility , core strength , joint mobility and posture. The teachers are all very knowledgeable and no class is ever the same and attending Pilates is one of the highlights of my week. - Carrie Rauber

sml4I have been attending Blue Mat Pilates now for many years, probably ever since Riana starting teaching in Rototuna.  Initially, whilst I was working full time, I went once a week.  Over time, and as my working hours reduced, I have increasingly attended more classes per week...I'm probably now a "Pilates addict"! Pilates, and more recently Yoga, classes are my "me" time, both physically and mentally .  I particularly enjoy the holistic approach to teaching offered by Riana and her instructing  team .  My head loves the time to look in me and my body loves the flexibility and relaxation the classes provide.  My years as a marathon runner and triathlete have given me very short hamstrings and tightness in my lower back.  The flexibility I have gained from Pilates has been incredible...the more classes I do the better the body feels, particularly my lower back. In addition to the physical effects  of my sporting life, I have had some intense medical treatment  and surgery over the past 4 years and chemotherapy has stiffened my joints and given me peripheral neuropathy.   Pilates is a wonderful activity to ease these pains  and stiffness.  Stretching and flexion do wonders for me physically and this imparts a buoyancy to me mentally. I look forward to my Pilates classes and stretching as much as I look forward to the catching up with my "Pilates buddies"......a lovely, warm and caring group of ladies I have become firm friends with. I cannot recommend Blue Mat  Pilates enough....the physical and mental benefits are soothing to the soul....and that all adds to make a better me. - Sandie Robinson

sml1I started Blue Mat Pilates a few years ago. At that time I was suffering from stiffness and aching joints largely due to past sports. Initially I went to the classes twice a week but as time progressed I noticed I was having less pain and feeling a lot looser. I now try to attend at least three classes a week and sometimes even manage 4 to 5. My body feels so much better and I really notice if I have had to travel away and missed 3 or 4 weeks as the old aches and pains start to creep in. Not only has it helped me physically but I have also learnt to relax both physically and mentally during the classes. Attending the classes now is like visiting a bunch of great friends all loaded into one room. Thanks so much team xx, Ange Agnew