Hamilton Classes

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Our 2018 start dates for both Hamilton and Mt Maunganui are as follows - each location has a condensed schedule to start the year off, so look closely at the dates to book in your next class.

Hamilton starts Wednesday 24th January with a 9am & 530pm class only - so these two Wednesday classes run for 3 weeks then the full schedule starts up again on Monday 12th February.  CLICK HERE TO BOOK IN A WEDNESDAY CLASS.

Mt Maunganui starts back Friday 19th January at 9am and will only run the Friday 9am class until the full schedule starts back up on the week of the 29th January.  CLICK HERE TO BOOK IN A FRIDAY 9AM CLASS.

Studio Reformer 1:1 sessions - This premium service will fine tune your Pilates technique on the finest Reformer machines from Balanced Body. We will design a programme tailored to your individual goals with exclusive attention from your instructor. Discover the vast benefits this resistance training can do to increase long lean muscle tone, and increase strength and flexibility.  Based on your preference the session can incorporate Reformer, Stability chair, Mat Pilates and oov. Perfect for clients wanting targeted fast results, rehabbing injuries, or Pilates first timers.  2:1 sessions can also be arranged, and is a great way to workout with a friend.  Sessions are held at our Private studio space - Limelight Dance Studio, 144 Rototuna Road, next to Countdown on Hukanui Road.

LIMELIGHT DANCE ACADEMY: 144 Rototuna Rd, Rototuna, Hamilton

  • Wednesday 9.00am - Pilates/Barre Infusion
  • 1:1 Private Studio Reformer Sessions - to be booked with Instructor

NORTHGATE COMMUNITY CHURCH: 97C Borman Rd, Rototuna, Hamilton

  • Monday 9.00am - Mat Open
  • Tuesday 4.00pm - Mat Open
  • Tuesday 5.30pm - Mat Open
  • Tuesday 6.30pm - Beginners Pilates
  • Thursday 5.30pmVinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Thursday 6.30pm - Beginners Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Friday 9.00am - Mat Open

ST MARYS CATHEDRAL HALL: directly opposite the Bridge Street lights, 494 Grey St, Hamilton East

  • Monday 12.00pm - Mat Open
  • Wednesday 12.00pm - Mat Open