We have classes in Hamilton & Mt Maunganui.



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  • BEGINNERS PILATES: This class is designed for clients who are new to Pilates, or want to refresh on the basics. It is an introductory level class aimed at strengthening the core, increasing flexibility and raising awareness on how to maintain better posture.  Classes are run in a friendly and informative environment, which will gear clients up to then safely attend any of our other OPEN classes on our schedule.  This class runs as an 8 week block course.
  • MAT OPEN: These classes are designed to challenge and invigorate the body and mind through carefully selected exercises, utilising small Pilates props such as the foam roller, magic circle, stability ball and therabands.  The structure of the class is aimed at increasing core strength and stability, increasing mobility and flexibility, while maintaining a strong focus on breath and good form.  Exercises are modified depending what level each client is at.
  • PILATES BARRE:  No previous dance experience needed. Sculpt and challenge your body through a series of choreographed exercises to music. Capture the ideal dancers body and experience a full body workout that focuses on breathing, posture, flexibility, toning and core strengthening with a variety of exercises, all at the barre. Suitable for all levels.
  • VINYASA FLOW YOGA:  A flowing sequence of movements that synchronizes the breath with each posture. This energising practice has a strong focus on core strength, breath awareness, and alignment while still allowing space for connection of mind, body and spirit. The unique sequencing of the class includes standing, balancing, seated and inverted postures. Suitable for all levels.
  • BEGINNERS FLOW YOGA:  An 8 week introduction level class that gears clients up for the VINYASA FLOW YOGA in a slower setting.  It covers all of the principles covered in the Open level class, but at a more gentle pace with more time spent in each pose.  It is a great option for those new to Yoga, or for the more seasoned Yogi or Pilates client who would like to slow things down and go deeper in to their practice.